Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello, Goodbye

Oh no! It's the end of another internship semester at Green String! Saying goodbye is never easy, but all good things must come to an end.

Sean, who's been here for four months, has headed back to his home in San Luis Obispo to spend time with his family and pursue future gardening adventures. Phil, Cody, and Mark are gallivanting around northern California -- they plan to pass some of the time working on other sustainable farms. Hannah has generously offered to help the new interns with their transitional period, and will be sticking around for a couple weeks before she goes to Minnesota for a summer of leading camping and kayaking and outdoorsy fun with Outward Bound.

The powers-that-be at Green String haven't managed to get rid of all of us interns, though. Katrina's staying on for a second semester before she moves up to Oregon in the fall. And I don't think they'll ever figure out how to shake off me and Chris! This week we switched from being interns to real-life employees. Let's just hope we don't blow it.

Though we may be sad about all the great interns leaving us, there's not too much time to mope -- we've got fifteen (count 'em! Fif-friggin-teen!) new interns for the summer semester, and they're quite an enthusiastic bunch! I'm embarrassed to say that I'm nowhere near knowing all their names (yet), so once they all get set up on the blog I'll leave it to them to introduce themselves.

In all the insanity excitement, publishing the June newsletter's been put off -- it should be ready by Thursday, though, so check your inboxes. (You know you can get the newsletters emailed to you the very second they're published by emailing jenny@greenstringfarm.com, right?)

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